Lakeshore Dry Goods is the creator of Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towels made with organic cotton.

On a beautiful summer day while on my favorite local beach, I read a beauty tip in a magazine that would end up inspiring me to start this new business venture while igniting my inner creativity and passion.  The tip was to use a soft cotton t-shirt to towel-dry hair gently.  This was not the first time I had heard of this; I recalled reading about it a few years ago.  So while listening to the waves and getting lost in my thoughts (a rare occurrence for this busy mom of two), I thought, "Why don't I make a hair towel with t-shirt material?" And so Sunrise Bliss towels were born (I couldn't think of a better birthplace than a beautiful sandy beach - could you?). 

Sunrise Bliss is a line of t-shirt hair towels made with 100% organic cotton designed to towel-dry hair without causing damage.  The soft and absorbent fabric reduces breakage, frizz, tangles and dry time.  So stop using terrycloth when your hair is at its most vulnerable state (wet!) and start using Sunrise Bliss!  Other uses include fitness, travel and camping.  Also, cancer patients going through chemo have found it to be gentle on their body while dealing with skin sensitivity. 

Towels are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes.  In addition to being eco-friendly, the fabric is interlock knit cotton, meaning it won't stretch out of shape or curl at the edges.  This type of fabric is used for high-end t-shirts and baby layette items. 

For the most professional finished look, and because my husband and I are busy raising two young and active boys, we outsourced to a small cut & sew manufacturer located in Detroit, MI.

Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towels are offered in limited editions of various patterns and solid colors to make it fresh and fun!  My favorite part of running Lakeshore Dry Goods is picking out the next patterns and a thread color that "pops."

Thank you for visiting our shop!  And remember to take time for yourself - you never know where it may lead!

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